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Advantages of @coin:

@coin is fast

A transaction can be performed in seconds via internet. The payment process requires a few clicks and the input of an 12-digit code only. With supplement software, which communicates with the @coin server directly and takes care about the administration of the user account, the required user inputs may be further reduced.

@coin is easy

The interface required for performing payment transactions is reduced to a minimum. Therefore the effort especially for the seller to receive payments fully automated is very low.

@coin is flexible

Because you only need to transfer a 12-digit code during a payment transaction, many transmission systems are possible. Some examples: (web-form, slip of paper, telephone, email, smartphone app, QR-code)

@coin ist secure

During payments in the internet there is a basical risc, that untrustworthy sellers will abuse entered payment data (e.g. Credit card number) from the buyer. The risk, when using an @coin is limited by the value of the @coin itself, because the @coin itself does not give an untrustworthy seller any link to confidential data of the buyer (account number, login, etc.)