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Frequently Asked Questions:

What Means @coin?

The name @coin has two different meanings. On the one hand it is the name for the online payment system provided here. On the other hand it denominates a virtual coin, that can be created easily from any account holder. An created @coin remains activ, until it will be redeemed. During the creation, the value of the @coin and a small fee will be deducted from the creators balance. When the @coin is redeemed the value of the @coin will be added to the account of the redeemer.

What are the building block of an @coin?

An @coin consits of a 12-digit alphanumerical code. For better readability, an minus sign will be inserted after every 4 chars (example: D4FG-HO52-3TZX).

Which chars are used to build an @coins?

Principally an @coin consists of numbers and letters. To prevent confusions and typos during transmission and redeeming, the following redundancies are build in:
1.) Letters are case insensitive.
2.) Some letters, which can be confused easily with similar numbers have the same meaning. In special that are B and 8, I and 1 and the 3 chars D, O and 0.

What happens, if two people want to redeem the same @coin?

The early bird catches the worm. The first try to redeem a specific @coin will be successful. All subsequent tries will fail, because the @coin will be destroyed when it is redeemed.

If I receive an @coin as payment, how can I prevent, that the buyer gives me an invalid @coin or will use the same @coin for other purchases?

Usually an received @coin should be redeemed immediatly as part of the payment process. Only in this way you can make sure, that you will receive the agreed value on your account. When doing businesses with trusted persons, you may deviate from this rule. But in any case you should assure, the third parties will not get knowledge of the @coin code, until it is redeemed.